Let your Guests DJ the Party! Here’s How:

Step Five: Additional Options

Hurl has a lot of additional options under the hood for customizing your screen. If you would like to enable additional features like admin access, password protection, explicit content controls, and even queue limits follow these steps:

1. Create an full account on the Hurl smartphone app


2. Go to http://www.hurl.net on your laptop/PC, click “Already have an account” and login with your new account


3. Create a new screen or Launch one that you have previously created


4. Customize your screen’s features and click “Save” or “Save and Launch”.


5. Hurl!

Now you have a custom screen that will be saved to your account for future parties. Your account has admin privileges and you can now force remove videos from the queue (just click the x next to the video name) when you have logged in with your account on the smartphone app. Click the info button next to the screen name at the top of the smartphone app to access and change screen options in real time. Enjoy!

Step Six: How to Close a Screen:

To shutdown Hurl on your TV just click the super small “X” in the top right corner of the screen!



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