Let your Guests DJ the Party! Here’s How:

Step Three: Prepare your Laptop for Hurl

Close extra programs and addons

No one likes lag or weird pop-up messages while watching videos but if there is too much happening on your PC when Hurl is running you risk a ruining the experience. To prevent this dilemma make sure that there are no other programs running on your machines before the party starts. Exit/Close unnecessary programs and disable any addons/plugins installed on your web browser. A full system may be required to put things in tip-top shape.

Turn off battery-saving features

Most computers have settings that are meant to conserve energy during regular use but can cause problems for media center PCs. Screens are sometimes set to turn off during periods of inactivity and PCs may go to sleep if the mouse or keyboard is not used after a short while. Go to ‘Power Options’ in the PC control panel and set ‘Turn off display’ & ‘Put the computer to sleep’ to ‘Never’. If you plan on closing the lid of the laptop during the party, make sure you adjust the corresponding “what to do when…” settings in the control panel as well.

power options

Step Four: Hurl!

1. Create a screen at http://www.hurl.net

Direct your computer’s web browser to www.hurl.net then choose a name for your screen and type in the party’s street address (this is so your guests can find and connect to the screen using the Hurl smartphone app). Click “Start Screen” and you’re ready for your first Hurl!

e.g. “Bob’s Party TV” & “1234 Cherryshire Rd., Houston, TX”


Pro tip: Press F11 to go into put your web-browser into full-screen mode

2. Get Hurl for iPhone or Android

Have your guests download and launch the The Hurl smartphone app from the iPhone App Store or on Google Play. Be sure they let Hurl access their location so the app can find and connect to the screen you created in step 1.


3. Hurl!

One they are connected to your screen from the Hurl smartphone app, your guests can begin Hurling their favorite songs, funny clips and music videos to the big screen. Encourage them to ‘skip vote’ boring hurls using the app and most importantly… have fun with their new found DJ powers.


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