Let your Guests DJ the Party! Here’s How:

Hosting a party? Let your guests be the DJ!

We’ve put together a quick how-to on setting up Hurl as a YouTube Jukebox that guests can control using their smartphones. Between the queue and crowd voting options, Hurl has everything thing you need to host the best party, ever! Here is the how-to guide:

Check out the basic how-to video here.

How to Hurl: The Step-by-Step Guide

Step One: What you’ll need

1. Laptop
3. HDMI or VGA cables

Step Two: Put it all together

Connect your laptop to a TV

If you want your guests to enjoy music videos during the party then you should connect your laptop or PC to an HDTV. Most laptops have a VGA or HDMI port that you can use to output your video to the big screen. Best Buy has a great how-to on connecting a PC to a Television here.

Check your Internet Connection

Your computer should already be connected to the web but now would be a good time to check your internet connection for any speed issues. Visit YouTube.com and see how well a few HD videos play. This is a good indicator of the performance you’ll experience with Hurl. A quick call to your internet provider for a speed upgrade may be necessary.

During the party, we recommend not sharing your Wi-Fi connection with guests or any other devices/programs aside from Hurl. Anything from torrents to friends surfing the web on your network can quickly degrade video playback on Hurl. The last thing you want is buffering in the middle of a dance break.


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