Let your Guests DJ the Party! Here’s How:

Hosting a party? Let your guests be the DJ!

We’ve put together a quick how-to on setting up Hurl as a YouTube Jukebox that guests can control using their smartphones. Between the queue and crowd voting options, Hurl has everything thing you need to host the best party, ever! Here is the how-to guide:

Check out the basic how-to video here.

How to Hurl: The Step-by-Step Guide

Step One: What you’ll need

1. Laptop
3. HDMI or VGA cables

Step Two: Put it all together

Connect your laptop to a TV

If you want your guests to enjoy music videos during the party then you should connect your laptop or PC to an HDTV. Most laptops have a VGA or HDMI port that you can use to output your video to the big screen. Best Buy has a great how-to on connecting a PC to a Television here.

Check your Internet Connection

Your computer should already be connected to the web but now would be a good time to check your internet connection for any speed issues. Visit YouTube.com and see how well a few HD videos play. This is a good indicator of the performance you’ll experience with Hurl. A quick call to your internet provider for a speed upgrade may be necessary.

During the party, we recommend not sharing your Wi-Fi connection with guests or any other devices/programs aside from Hurl. Anything from torrents to friends surfing the web on your network can quickly degrade video playback on Hurl. The last thing you want is buffering in the middle of a dance break.


2 Minute Drill (The Pitch)

We gave a 2 minute company pitch to members of Startup America at Startup Texas‘ 2 Minute Drill live from the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. A two minute pitch is meant to sell the value of a product or service while grabbing the audience’s interest in a way that makes them want to know more; we did this while squeezing in a shot at Hurling a YouTube video to the largest TV screen in the world!

What video do you think we Hurled to the screen? Watch and find out…

Hurl on the World’s Largest TV!

The Hurl team traveled to Dallas, Texas to give a 2 minute company pitch at the Startup Texas “2 Minute Drill”, live from Cowboys Stadium. We delivered a powerpoint presentation and finished off with a live hurl of ‘Gangnam Style‘ to the Jumbo Tron (the largest screen in the world at 60 yards long and 7 stories high!). This was a pitch contest like no other and our moment to prove that Hurl fits any screen, big or small… or really big.

Hurl on the biggest TV screen on earth!

Hurl on the biggest TV screen on earth!

Lawrence Johnson getting ready to Hurl at Cowboys Stadium.

Lawrence Johnson getting ready to Hurl at Cowboys Stadium.

We arrived to Cowboys Stadium around 10:00AM and did a test setup of the Hurl platform on the Jumbo Tron. The last thing we wanted was for a glitch to throw off the largest demo of Hurl, yet. Luckily, everything went smooth during the test-run and we even had time to play with the audio and slides from our PowerPoint.

A few hours later at 1:00PM we were on the stage and pitching our hearts out. It was exhilarating! We did very well and the Hurl was flawless!

In attendance were the Startup America Board of Directors (including some of the most successful and well known entrepreneurs in the world like Steve Case, Scott Case, Reid Hoffman, Kevin Plank and more). We took advantage of the networking opportunity and connected with Startup America regional contacts, investors and other Texas startup companies. A couple of our key interactions happened with Jean Elliot, Senior Director in Marketing for Microsoft and Steve Case, Co-founder of AOL. We should note that Jeff Reichman, Houston Chair at Startup America: Texas Region and Principal at January Advisors helped make our participation a possibility.

We owe a big thanks to Greg Wright and the Houston Technology Center Ignition Accelerator. The accelerator’s heavy emphasis on perfecting our company pitches really came in handy at the event. We are so lucky to be in Houston, Texas at this time – there is so much happening and so many individuals like Jeff and Greg leading the way. Hurl on!

A few of the mentions from twitter about our pitch at Cowboys Stadium (even Scott Case gave us props!)

A few of the mentions from twitter about our pitch at Cowboys Stadium (even Scott Case gave us props!)

The event was covered by The Dallas Morning News. Check out their footage here.

Hurl – The Social Media DJ Smartphone App – Turn your PC screen into a YouTube video jukebox and hurl your favorite clips from the smartphone app.

About Hurl – Company Information about Hurl, LLC

About Hurl

A little over a year ago, four alumni from The University of Texas at Austin set out to develop mobile apps that make Social Media, Truly Social. We envisioned walking into a bar and taking over public TVs, using our smartphones as remotes and hurling YouTube videos to the big screen. It sounded like magic but seemed doable and within a month we had an alpha build of our smartphone application, Hurl.

Hurl transforms public TV screens into Social Media Jukeboxes, allowing anyone to share anything to any screen from any smartphone or mobile device. The platform is now a formal solution for bars and restaurants looking to engage customers while boosting profits.

Today, we are in The Houston Technology Center’s Ignition Accelerator and members of Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus program. Hurl has already been setup at two businesses here in Houston and the project is growing fast!

We are Hurl and that’s social media.